**C.C. White – Soul Kirtan 2015 Tour Schedule!!**

September 4 – 7  **Omega Ecstatic Fall Chant** – Join us for one of the most sacred, and beautiful events in Rhinebeck, N.Y.  (Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Miten, ShimShai, Wah! C.C. White, Gaura Vani, Fanna-Fi-Allah Qawwali Sufi Party, Russill Paul, Nawang Khechog, Radhanath Swami, Steve Gorn, Manose, Ram Dass (live via streaming video.)  Omega Ecstatic Chant is a place of beautiful, pure chant love and devotion.   Come experience bliss and mantras at our 11th annual Ecstatic Chant retreat, one of the most popular events at Omega.  A remarkable opportunity to experience some of the Western world’s leading devotional singers, this inspiring weekend nourishes the soul with a rich tradition of musical prayer and meditation. To purchase tickets and for more info, click this link: Omega Ecstatic Fall Chant 2015! C.C. White & Soul Kirtan! Click here to purchase your tickets and reserve your space!

September 12 – 13 – **True Nature’s Sacred Fest** Carbondale, CO!! –  C.C. White & Soul Kirtan (Saturday, September 12th from 7-9 p.m.!)  Beautiful chanting and musical expressions from Scott and Shanti Medina and The Pushpams during the day and early evening!  Join us in Carbondale, CO for *True Nature’s Sacred Fest 2015!* (Just 50 minutes from Aspen, CO) this place of pure beauty will envelope your spirit and your soul in love with soulful chanting, beautiful yoga and spiritual leaders all sharing their hearts for this unforgettable weekend.  Click this link to purchase your tickets!  True Nature’s Sacred Fest 2015! C.C. White & Soul Kirtan! Purchase your tickets here!!

September 18 & 19 – **The Hamptons Yoga Fest!**- **C.C White & Soul Kirtan!** – **The Hamptons Yoga Fest!**  Join me on Saturday, September 19th at 7:45 p.m. where I’ll be headlining with my incredible band.   First time festival in the most beautiful of places, where you’ll be blessed with amazing yoga instructors, beautiful kirtan and musical expressions, spiritual speakers and so much more!!  Click this link to purchase your tickets so we can chant, dance and move the air around us with love!!  The Hamptons Yoga Fest 2015! C.C. White & Soul Kirtan! Click this link to purchase your tickets!  

November, 2015Australian Tour!!  More details coming soon.

Follow up CD!! – The follow up CD to “This IS Soul Kirtan!” will be in the works very soon, and my heart is overflowing with joy at being able to go into the studio again to create a part of my soul for you!

More news to come!! Thanks for your support, love and your beautiful voices!

Kirtan Feels SO Good!

Love Always