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Get up Get Out and Do Something

*Get up, get out and do something!*. The mind is a powerful thing but the heart is more powerful. There is something deep down inside of you that wants to come out and needs to express itself. It can be something simple or huge depending on your perspective (smile). Hey, I’ll admit several times I’ve tried to attempt to start something and for some reason which I’ll take total responsibility for, I distract myself and …

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Daily Blog – 1/11/2020

*24 HOURS CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!* As I travel through my day, each moment brings something new and interesting.  Today I got compliments from everyone I saw about my outfit.  The trick is the only thing I changed was my shoes!  A pair of beige canvas steppers I found at the back of my closet that I’d never worn before and decided to put on.  You ask how can a pair of shoes cause an entire …

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