Get up Get Out and Do Something

*Get up, get out and do something!*. The mind is a powerful thing but the heart is more powerful. There is something deep down inside of you that wants to come out and needs to express itself. It can be something simple or huge depending on your perspective (smile). Hey, I’ll admit several times I’ve tried to attempt to start something and for some reason which I’ll take total responsibility for, I distract myself and go in another direction completely.

Am I avoiding it? Yes. Is it for a reason that I want either face or ignore…YES! Herein lies the purpose behind what you get done in a day and what you continue to put off and possibly never get done. Believe me, honey, there is plenty I need to get done and the hilarious thing is that once I start it takes no time at all to accomplish that one thing I’ve been avoiding. I sat down today and reminded myself that I can let my mind play games on me if I want to, or I can steady my heart and soul and GET IT DONE. Plain and simple. You thrive by moving forward, one step in front of the other. Rest when you want but don’t ever stop! There’s WAY too much living to do! Until tomorrow folks!

Love, Wisdom and Grace.

*C.C. White Soul Kirtan*

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