Daily Blog – 1/11/2020


As I travel through my day, each moment brings something new and interesting.  Today I got compliments from everyone I saw about my outfit.  The trick is the only thing I changed was my shoes!  A pair of beige canvas steppers I found at the back of my closet that I’d never worn before and decided to put on.  You ask how can a pair of shoes cause an entire outfit to look different? I wouldn’t be the one to know as I’ve been a tomboy and NOT a fashionista all my life.  LOL!!!  You can ask my fashion friendly friends about that because it drives them nuts.  Oh yeah, and I’m not an avid shopper for clothes either.  Yeah I said it!  Have a sip of tea ya’ll.  LOL!!  I took in the compliments, returned them and had beautiful spontaneous conversations all day wherever I went.  Along the way I saw an elderly woman who looked beautiful and complimented her. She smiled like a million suns and we talked about how it was such a wonderful thing for women of all shapes and colors to say nice things to each other instead of being so judgemental and negative in such a quick manner.  I met a couple from London that had a stunning Bengal cat, one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen.  They have an instagram page of almost 50,000 followers just for their cat and that’s pretty amazing! I told them of a wolf reserve called *wolfconnection.org* that I’ve visited more than once where you get to  interact with these majestic, wise and amazing creatures up close and how it changes your spirit to experience this.   Please visit them, it’ll change your life.  Then I ran into a good friend of mine whose sister is close to transitioning over from cancer and she was preparing to go back home to be by her side.  We held each other and embraced as she sobbed on my shoulder.  I’d been checking in on her and making sure she knew I cared and wanted to know what was going on.  She said she’d prepared for this and the family would be at her sister’s side surrounding her with love as they’d been for her entire journey throughout her illness. Life is precious and time waits for no one.  Tell someone you love them TODAY!  Reconnect with an old friend, forgive someone, end a long time grudge and reach out.  Life and situations change and things aren’t what they were a day/week or month ago.  Truth, you won’t know what’s going on in someone’s life unless you ask.  

The point of my blog today is that within 24 hours you can have several conversations with people from all walks of life and in doing that, it injects energy, understanding, respect, kindness and love into your soul.  Everyone has a story and a journey and believe me they would like to share it with you.  It can be a short conversation or last for a while, either way you’ve interacted and exchanged energy with another being.  So folks, throughout your busy day please stop and chat with someone about life.  Lift up your head, look around you and make eye contact with people and stop getting so caught up in yourself! You’ll be surprised how quickly you find out how much you have in common with a perfect stranger.  

Until tomorrow folks,

Love, Wisdom and Grace.

*C.C. White Soul Kirtan!* 


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