Thoughts and Musings


Hi Everyone.  

These are uncertain and trying times.  

Give a call, kind words of comfort, reminders to be safe, asking if anyone needs anything and much more makes a different. Elderly or sick people are not able to get around as well and might be hesitant and afraid to go out. Make sure to try your best to help or assist in any way or secure some kind of delivery service to help them. Sadly for those that have lost loved ones and friends to this virus, please pray for them. 

A lot of people are in shock with jobs and facilities being shutdown and suddenly having to stay at home. Though it’s necessary to keep us safe, it’s still uncomfortable and alarming. We’re now having a lot of time on our hands to definitely spend more time with our loved ones and going inward. Sometimes we’re so busy and on automatic, we forget to check in with our own hearts to see how WE’RE doing to be our best for those that we care about. So it’s best to try and be as positive as possible to flood your system with those reinforced and beneficial heart loving chemicals and emotions to be strong through this. Your body is extremely sensitive and responsive to any kind of way you feel so although it’s also realistic that people are upset and frightened too, try to balance it out in order to keep peaceful and calm as best you can from day to day. 

I see a lot of people going online more than normal to give concerts, positive and thoughtful talks, yoga and mediation classes, important info, study lessons for school and much more. These connections are comforting and uplifting. People are being so beautifully creative in different and new ways of communicating since they’re not able or choose not to go outside. Anything to stay connected as it’s so important right now but also as mentioned, go inside and make the best kind of peace with yourselves as we weather this difficult time. Above all, let’s not turn on each other out of frustration or fear, that only makes things worse for everyone. 

Thanks for the calls and texts everyone, it’s beautiful and sacred to connect, laugh, cry, confess our feelings, be wonderfully human and most of all stick together, soul to soul. 

Take care of yourselves. 

I wish you Love, Wisdom, Strength, Patience and Grace.

*C.C. White Soul Kirtan*


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