2020 will be the year they’ll talk about for decades to come.

We are living it, here and now.

Oh the times they are a changing like the great Bob Dylan said. The world as we know it seems to be transforming into something different every day. We wake up to news and more news, events are propelling people to do something, speak out, stand strong, make a change, check in with one another, educate themselves, look inward, deeply inward to see what’s really going on inside of them. People are also exposing deep seeded troubling thoughts and beliefs out loud, yes it’s shocking but at least now we see them. Are eyes are open now, we cannot say we no longer know the truth. This is a precious time, a chance for us all to do something right, move towards good and fair, decency, respect and grace. I believe we can do this, no one can take that away from me. I believe you can too.

I wish you strength, hope, understanding and love.

C.C. White Soul Kirtan

Thoughts and Musings


Hi Soulsters

Recently I revealed something about myself that I’ve kept secret for a long, long time.  It was painful, took a lot out of me and I’m a VERY strong but private woman but, I had to speak out.   I needed to share with people in order for them to better understand that what’s going on in the world today is a necessary change that will one day result in a better world, a deeper understanding, more kindness to one another and healing….yes, we need healing.  I needed to let them know that someone very close to you might be going through something difficult and afraid to let it out.  By doing this, the respone was overwhelming, tender, kind and true.  Again and again I was brought to tears reading you all’s responses of understanding and love.  Thank you for this.  People, reach out please, inform yourselves, talk to one another, don’t be afraid to say the wrong thing.  If you’re doing it for the right reasons, then there’s only good.    Overcoming hatred is something that can only lead us towards a better future and a deeper grace.  This I pray will come to pass.  

 Take care of yourselves. 

I wish you Love, Understanding, Wisdom, Strength, Patience and Grace.

*C.C. White Soul Kirtan*


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