C.C. White – Soul Kirtan

Don’t forget to check on others.

*Hey Beautiful People*

Sometimes the strongest souls need a word of encouragement or a phone call saying “hey, I’m checking on you to see how you are.”  Here’s a gentle reminder to check on your friends, relatives and any one that comes to mind.  When a person enters into your chain of thought, it’s for a reason.  Believe me, it makes all the difference in the world and it matters.  The world is an interesting and ever changing place right now and has been for quite some time and you never know how someone is handling all that’s going on.  It’s a lot and can really affect someone’s energy in all kinds of unexpected ways.   We’re all human and we need each other.  In that way we can uplift souls in the simplest and most caring ways.  Pick up the phone, make that call and let someone know you care.

Take care of yourselves.

Love you so much.

*C.C. White Soul Kirtan*

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