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Welcome Beautiful Beings to the Soul Kirtan Family!

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*A Letter From C.C.*

Welcome Soulsters!

Hi everyone it’s C.C. White!  I am so excited to welcome you to my Soul Kirtan Family and our Special Soulstirs Community!  I thank you and give you a big, warm welcoming hug for stopping by.  I want this site to be one of sharing our hearts, our gifts, connecting and speaking from our souls...

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C.C.'s Food For Thought


Latest Soul Kirtan News

Exciting News! Having had the recent honor of recording with the beautiful, mighty, iconic and powerful Mavis Staples for her just...

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C.C.'s Blog

Don’t forget to check on others.

*Hey Beautiful People* Sometimes the strongest souls need a word of encouragement or a phone call saying “hey, I’m checking on you to see how you are.”  Here’s a gentle reminder to check on your friends, relatives and any one that comes to mind.  When a person enters into your chain of thought,...

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Soulsters' Corner