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  1. Welcome everyone! I’m so excited to connect and hear from you. Let’s open our hearts, talk to each other and share our gifts. Leave your comments here!

    Love, Wisdom and Grace.

    C.C. White Soul Kirtan!

  2. Hii am Maximo, i want to thank you because the moment i listen for the first time you singing i fall in love. I am from Argentina, but i live in a community called Piracanga and we also do devotional music and i am inspired with what you are doing. I am a Saxophone player and i love do dance listening music and also playing it.
    I will go to India in February and come back to Brasil in April
    I want to invite you to Piracanga any time you want. We live beside the beach and we love music, and i love your music, Jai Uttal came many times he loves it, so i invite you to come!!!
    I send you love!!!!!!

    1. Hi Maximo

      Your kind and beautiful words touch my heart, and I thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to connect with me spiritually and musically, and I’m so happy you’re inspired I’d LOVE to come to Brasil sometime soon. Jai has told me how many times he’s enjoyed being there and I myself have been there touring years ago, and absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the beauty and grace of Brasil!!! I’ll let you now when i’m heading out that way, and would love to have you play saxophone with us when we come!

      Sending you the sweetest blessings, and wishing you a Happy and fulfilling New Year!

      Love C.C.

    1. Thanks Priya! I’m excited to explore, share heart and thoughts, and most of all grow my heart song to the fullest. Sending Love to you! C.C.

  3. Hi sisi 🙂

    (That’s a shorter version of sister in isiZulu & Xhoza :-))

    Just been introduced to your amazing voice & sounds & OMGoddess!!! I am blown away! Been yearning for bhajans & kirtans to be sung like this all my life!

    Is there any chance you can visit South Africa soon…..like really sooon 🙂 A group of sisters & I are gifting a House of Wom(b)an – Red Tent Theme camp at Afrikaburn this year (a regional Brning Man event here in SA) – I think your presence, voice & bhava would be the ultimate gift 🙂 Please stay in touch – Mama Afrika calls 🙂 Thank you for your blessed gifts…Namaste

  4. Hi sis,

    I am very glad to hear your amazing voice with instrumental sound.Its really great.If you

    have any program at INDIA please inform.I am staying at KOLKATA (WEST BENGAL) God

    bless you. Namaskar(Bengali) “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,Hare

    Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare”

  5. Hola from Nicaragua !
    I just was wondering if you can share what are the “male” lyrics in the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra from This is Soul Kirtan album.

  6. Hey, hey, hey Miss CC!

    I am still on high vibration from Ecstatic Chant at Omega. Please come to NC for a show! There are no words to describe the energy and beauty of your sound.

    Kiran Feels Goods (especially when CC is in the house!).

    Om Shanti!


    1. Hi Holly, so sorry for the late response. Well, it’s about that time again to celebrate at Omega Chant 2018 through August 31st-Sept 3rd. I will be there along with so many amazing kirtan artists. I’ll also be in Jersey City as well on the 28th and 29th for a vocal freedom workshop and Soul Kirtan Concert! You can get the details on my tour page my darling. I hope to see you and thanks so much for your beautiful and kinds words of love. Blessings Always, C.

    1. Hi Devon, thanks so much. I appreciate you listening and letting me know that you enjoy it. It comes from my heart, deep in my soul. Sending blessings and grace to you. C.C.

  7. Dear C.C,

    If ever you come to Europe please let me know… we could organise a kirtan in my space in Geneva. We would be so honored to have your magnificent vibe there !
    Om Shanti

    1. Hi Joyleeen! I would definitely love to come to Geneva! It would be a dream of mine to share with you all! Please click my email in the right corner to contact me further. I’m excited to talk to you about this. Shanti Shanti, Love and Blessings! C.C.

  8. Dear C.C.
    Having watched the Mantra movie I just had to find out what else is to be found of C.C. White. And I am so grateful for what I found – thank you so much !
    I love watching and singing and dancing along with your Kirtans, So much good energy. Wow. Please keep going!
    I sincerely hope that some day there will be a chance to participate in one of your Kirtans.
    Namaste & all the best

  9. Dear Sisi,
    while my first comment is still waiting for approval, I guess this should not keep me from turning in a further note.
    I am really grateful for your great Kirtans that helped me so much over the last weeks. My father passed away a few weeks ago, and although I know that he is not “gone” but has left to take the next round – and I am certain this round took him closer to Nivikalpa-Samadhi.
    Nevertheless I can’t help that from time to time a sadness or severity comes creeping up at me. I am glad – and really thankful – that your Kirtns very effectively carry me through these “heavy” times, that instantly get much lighther. Govinda Jaya Jaya !!!
    Thank you so much
    With love, Ivo

  10. Hi CC!!!!! I LOVE your kirtan! It lifts my vibrations so high- it has helped me to heal and understand and rise up with my Shakti power to sit atop with Shiva. I want to share the power of chanting with others! I am a 44 year old mama of 3 elementary aged homeschoolers with a small massage and yoga business. We just purchased Crystal singing bowls, a shruti, and now a harmonium! I am learning slowly but will LEARN how to lead call and response!

    What my question for you, Ma, is, what would you tell someone like me, trying to do something new and scary for the first time?

    Jai Ma!

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