Welcome Soulsters!

Hi everyone it’s C.C. White! 

I am so excited to welcome you to my Soul Kirtan Family and our Special Soulstirs Community!  I thank you and give you a big, warm welcoming hug for stopping by.  I want this site to be one of sharing our hearts, our gifts, connecting and speaking from our souls and reaching out to one another from around the world.   Take your time to browse, look at photos, read recommendations and discover other creative souls, listen to music and much more.  Feel free to leave a comment and share some photos and videos too.  

Life is full of creative souls, we only need to take the first step of sharing our gifts with one another.  

Love Always,

C.C. White Soul Kirtan!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Soulsters!”

  1. Kelvina Casillas

    I really enjoy your music! Every time I listen, I get goosebumps and your music is very pleasing to the soul!

    Namaste from Florida.

  2. I live for Kirtan and I am so GRATEFUL and happy that I found you! Your voice is transforming and the music fills my soul. Om Namah Shivaya! Hare Krishna! Love to you!!

    Your sister,

    Rosy 🙂

  3. Dr. Sophia Asaviour

    Kirtan is spreading joy to our world. Thank you for sharing yor gift with us. I hope to someday share my humble praise to Krishna with you. Until then manifold blessings and Nameste!

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